17/07/10 15:00

15:00 17/07/10 We’re in the North Sea!! No comments or jokes please to our families about ‘The Deadly North Sea’ till we’re back on dry ground! The marina control tower suddenly released us between 2 Clippers coming in and allowed us to take advantage of high tide. We had left port by 11:30 and been averaging speeds of 6 knots. It’s allowed us to row past Grimsby and out of the estuary! The last leg really feels started as driving winds have blown waves over the boat giving a wet start to the shift. The plan is to row to Bridlington….some 60 miles or, if we’ve really got a steam on, we’ll pass Bridlington and continue to the next stop of Scarborough. Either way we’ll not be stopping till tomorrow afternoon. I doubt I’ll get signal for another blog till then….but hopefully the new GPS tracker is working and you can monitor our position!


~ by celebrityrow on July 17, 2010.

One Response to “17/07/10 15:00”

  1. Keep going, you are doing fantastic, remember the differance between tri and triumph is UMPH and you all have that. Hope to see you in Lumbers all to soon. lol sue swift

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