17/07/10 10:50

10:50 17/07/10 It’s a fun but frustrating start to the day. The weather is perfect – blustery winds from the South that will assist our north progress. We were told that we would be able to leave Hull before 11, we were ready by 9:30 but the Clipper race organisers have imposed a no go area right outside the marina until the last boat arrives!! So we are stuck at the harbour entrance! But it’s a great event to watch…these guys and gals have travelled 35,000 miles over 10 months…makes our 3 weeks seem feeble! We’ve had the paras exhibition sky diving team and we’re about to enjoy the saxophonist from Britain’s got Talent, Jules! He’s actually performed twice in Lumbers…so we may get a mention!! Gary and I have been up on the big stage interviewed by the BBC about our exploits – all publicity helps! Which brings us to the headline article in the Leicester Mercury about our rescue on the Humber…great article….fab..although I think some of the team don’t want to advertise our failings!

 Today’s plan is now having to be recalculated! Fortunately, we all listen to Paul Williams and won’t make the same mistake twice. We probably won’t be able to leave until 1pm…so will have missed 2 hours of tide. This will probably prevent us getting out the estuary today…so it may be fish and chips in Grimsby tonight! Technology is back working! Hopefully the GPS tracker will now follow us to the end. This iPhone is getting signal today…let’s not look too far ahead for when that fails though!!


~ by celebrityrow on July 17, 2010.

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