16/07/10 13:00

13:00 16/07/10 It seems strange to be back in the office, albeit for a short stint!! Seeing the Leicester Mercury billboards exclaiming our rescue has caused quite a sense of humour in the shop…..but does make you realise how dangerous the next leg will be! We left Paul Williams in Hull monitoring the weather and watching the Clipper boats come into a festival at Hull. The wind is really gusting today and we were right in making the decision to be grounded for 48 hours. Currently off shore and in the North Sea 40 mph winds are blowing Northbound…..of course these would speed up the boat and make a fast trip to John O’Groats but safety is of paramount importance. We are hoping that winds will be below 20 mph tomorrow for when we set off with high tide at 11am.

 On reflection we are indebted to the Humber Rescue and must reinforce our gratitude. They are volunteers and seem to spend a lot of their time searching for bodies as 2 people jump from the Humber Bridge per week. Reading their website http://www.humber-rescue.org.uk certainly explains the treacherous nature of the Humber and the inadequacy of our back up plans on Wednesday. At least they were impressed by our Breitling Emergency watches….these are perfect for the next phase! Breitling very kindly agreed to make a limited edition run of their world famous SOS signalling watch which can pin point us to within 1 metre in an emergency! Making a numbered run of only 10 is a world first…..its the smallest production run ever by Breitling and the first time they have allowed this watch to endorse anything other than for aviation purposes. Lumbers in Leicester have only a couple left for retail sale – and a percentage of the funds are going direct to the charities. Lets hope we don’t need to rely on them – but at least we feel safer with them on our wrists!!

My brother J is very kindly giving us his time again tomorrow to drive the crew back upto Hull. The new GPS has arrived and we’ll reset it in the morning – so hopefully you’ll be able to follow us live over the next few days. The 48 hour break may have done us good and got us ready for the final endurance session. It is still possible to get up to John O’Groats within our time window…..but we’ll need some good fortune and some good wind heading in our direction!!


~ by celebrityrow on July 16, 2010.

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